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Doug Recommends Kenneth Puig

I met Mr. Puig after I was in a car accident where I have sustained a lower back injury and neck injury. From the first day, he was honest about my case and indicated that there would be a fee should the case be lost. He was very accommodating when we had to meet by allowing me to come on a Saturday so I would not lose time from work. Mr. Puig was very nice and did speak above me or below me. Another word, he spoke to me so that I could understand the legal terminology. He always asked me about my family and had a genuine interest in knowing about my health. He prepared me for my dispositions and I felt very confident when speaking to the other lawyers. Mr. Puig assisted with any paperwork I received from my car insurance company as well as answering any questions I had about the paperwork from the insurance company. Finally, I loved his personality because he was approachable and friendly. He was a hard-working psychologist who defended me and I received compensation for my injuries. I would hire him again without thinking about it should I need a lawyer.

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