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Michael Recommends Kenneth Puig

I was arrested in 2016 and charged with 2 felonies, 3 misdemeanors, a traffic in fraction, and my car was impounded. Needless to say I was having a bad day. After a week in OCJ I was able to get a bail bond and started my search for a good lawyer because I was gonna need one. Ive had plenty of traffic court lawyers in my day due to my heavy foot but I've never needed a criminal defense lawyer before. Luckily I stumbled upon Kenneth Puig in my search. The consultation was quick and direct. Mr. Puig had informed me that do to my situation it wasn't going to be easy but if I did all the necessary requirements of the court he was confident in getting my charges reduced. Mr. Puig was very straight forward and basically said to me its up to me to shine and the brighter I do the better my chances are in a reduced sentence. Fast forward to 2018, my original charges would have given me 7yrs in prison and the state would've owned my car due to the forfeiture law. During the year and a half that passed Mr. Puig was in contact with me making sure I was doing well as well as making sure I was completing all the necessary programs and requirements the court ordered to even consider a lesser sentence. The difference I noticed with Mr. Puig was that he actually cares, he goes above and beyond to make sure your doing the right thing as opposed to the regular "ok this is what you gotta do ill see you on the next court date, good luck" that most lawyers do. He understands that you are his client and this is your life in his hands. After completing all my requirements successfully Mr. Puig felt really strong that he would be able to get my car back from the state and a sentence with no jail/prison time. A week before sentencing he called me to tell me some great news. He was completely confident I would get my felonies dropped to a misdemeanor and the other charges dropped all together as well as my car bask but Based on my performance of the court ordered requirements he wanted to see even better results. At sentencing he showed the judge how well I've done since our first meeting and how any charges could potentially hurt furthering my life. Mr. Puig's determination and persistence paid off, BIG TIME!! I was originally looking at felony charges, 7 years in prison, and my car becoming the states property. Mr. Puig was able to get all charges dismissed with a 6month ACD ( as long as I'm good for the next 6months all charges will be dropped) my arrest from this incident erased from background, and my car back with no fees. After 6months it will be like this incident had never happened. I highly recommend Kenneth Puig to anyone who needs a serious lawyer that is passionate about his clients and gets serious results.

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