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Emmanuel Cocco 

I was facing a 5 point violation. Mr. Puig represented me in court and got my violation reduced to parking ticket. He is an outstanding lawyer and I highly recommend Mr. Puig.

Compassionate, Professional and ALWAYS available

I hired Mr. Puig over a year ago to help me with my DWI, speeding and reckless driving charge. Due to the pandemic my court case kept getting postponed. He kept in constant contact with throughout. I was facing a substantial fine, loss of license, possible jail time and 3 years probation. Mr Puig got all the charges but the DWI removed. I was the one who took the plea. He was willing to keep fighting. He also was able to reduce my fines to the minimum, get my probation removed and keep me from my worst fear - going to jail. I would HIGHLY recommend.

Very Efficient Attorney

Mr. Puig helped me out with a speeding ticket. I was a driver with just a foreign license and a NY permit. The pandemic situation was so worse that the only way I could communicate with Mr. Puig was by emails and phone. Mr. Puig was very patient. He listened to all my problems, understood the complex situations, and got the case reduced to a parking ticket. He had no way to talk to the prosecutor or the judge directly, as the court was closed. Despite that, he arranged to meet with the prosecutor in a virtual meeting, presented my case, and efficiently got me a reduction, both in points and fine. I would happily recommend Mr. Puig as an eminent lawyer.

- Rohit

Excellent Experience

Mr. Puig was excellent resolving a speeding ticket that i got in upstate NY. This was the first speeding ticket i had ever gotten in my 25 years of driving so i was very nervous. Mr. Puig appeared with me in court, presented my case and had the speeding charge and the fine reduced. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Puig. He was very professional, thorough explaining everything and friendly.

- Richard

My DUI Case

Kenneth Puig, Esq. took my case and fought for me almost a year to get me the best deal. Even though the prosecutor should have dismissed the case on too many inconsistencies Kenneth held out for the best possible deal i could get and always had my best interests in mind. He explained everything in detail and writing and followed up via email. Sometimes I would get confused and want to hold off but once he explained to me I felt better about my case. Kenneth was very patient and always had me in mind as his client no matter how many times we went back to court. Mr. Puig is an A+++ attorney in my book and I will refer send him referrals.

- Adrian


Mr. Puig is knowledgeable about the Middletown/Wallkill Town Court system and provided good advice. He appeared in court on my behalf for a reasonable fee and was able to get my traffic ticket reduced to a parking ticket, with no points. Job well done! Thank you, Mr. Puig!

- D


I met Mr. Puig after I was in a car accident where I have sustained a lower back injury and neck injury. From the first day, he was honest about my case and indicated that there would be a fee should the case be lost. He was very accommodating when we had to meet by allowing me to come on a Saturday so I would not lose time from work. Mr. Puig was very nice and did speak above me or below me. Another word, he spoke to me so that I could understand the legal terminology. He always asked me about my family and had a genuine interest in knowing about my health. He prepared me for my dispositions and I felt very confident when speaking to the other lawyers. Mr. Puig assisted with any paperwork I received from my car insurance company as well as answering any questions I had about the paperwork from the insurance company. Finally, I loved his personality because he was approachable and friendly. He was a hard-working psychologist who defended me and I received compensation for my injuries. I would hire him again without thinking about it should I need a lawyer.

– Doug

Highly Recommend!

I called Mr.Puig after my first court appearance and he was so helpful from the start. His rates are affordable and not outrageous! I blew a .17 and was charged with a DWI. For those of you who don't know that is right below felony DWI which is .18+ Although this was my first offense I was facing 3 years probation due to a high reading of alcohol. If I was charged with a DWI I would of had maximum fines and had to get an interlock installed in my car and complete the probation. But thanks to Mr.Puig he got my DWI down to a DWAI and I received no probation, no interlock, minimum fines, and only 90 days with a conditional license. He's very professional and makes you feel like your his only client with all his efforts put towards you. Thanks so much for all your help I'm very mich appreciative for it!!

– Kayla


Frustrated with the 4 points on your Driving License from a speeding ticket, I hired Mr. Kenneth Puig, who not only took care of my problem but brought it down to a parking one with 0 points. Thank you, Sir.

– Qemal Xharo


I was arrested in 2016 and charged with 2 felonies, 3 misdemeanors, a traffic in fraction, and my car was impounded. Needless to say I was having a bad day. After a week in OCJ I was able to get a bail bond and started my search for a good lawyer because I was gonna need one. Ive had plenty of traffic court lawyers in my day due to my heavy foot but I've never needed a criminal defense lawyer before. Luckily I stumbled upon Kenneth Puig in my search. The consultation was quick and direct. Mr. Puig had informed me that do to my situation it wasn't going to be easy but if I did all the necessary requirements of the court he was confident in getting my charges reduced. Mr. Puig was very straight forward and basically said to me its up to me to shine and the brighter I do the better my chances are in a reduced sentence. Fast forward to 2018, my original charges would have given me 7yrs in prison and the state would've owned my car due to the forfeiture law. During the year and a half that passed Mr. Puig was in contact with me making sure I was doing well as well as making sure I was completing all the necessary programs and requirements the court ordered to even consider a lesser sentence. The difference I noticed with Mr. Puig was that he actually cares, he goes above and beyond to make sure your doing the right thing as opposed to the regular "ok this is what you gotta do ill see you on the next court date, good luck" that most lawyers do. He understands that you are his client and this is your life in his hands. After completing all my requirements successfully Mr. Puig felt really strong that he would be able to get my car back from the state and a sentence with no jail/prison time. A week before sentencing he called me to tell me some great news. He was completely confident I would get my felonies dropped to a misdemeanor and the other charges dropped all together as well as my car bask but Based on my performance of the court ordered requirements he wanted to see even better results. At sentencing he showed the judge how well I've done since our first meeting and how any charges could potentially hurt furthering my life. Mr. Puig's determination and persistence paid off, BIG TIME!! I was originally looking at felony charges, 7 years in prison, and my car becoming the states property. Mr. Puig was able to get all charges dismissed with a 6month ACD ( as long as I'm good for the next 6months all charges will be dropped) my arrest from this incident erased from background, and my car back with no fees. After 6months it will be like this incident had never happened. I highly recommend Kenneth Puig to anyone who needs a serious lawyer that is passionate about his clients and gets serious results.

– Michael


Ken Puig is a tenacious advocate for his clients. He cares for his clients and protects their rights.

– Keith Ahlers


I hired Mr. Puig to represent me in a legal matter.. He was referred to me by one of my colleagues. He was the best decision I ever made. He fought for me to the very end and knew everything about my rights and the law. He won the case for me and he was so honest and reasonable. If anyone needs a great attorney for any legal matter big or small you will not disappointed having Ken Puig on your side. He saved my life and future. I can't thank him enough.

– Alex


The competence of Mr Puig was second to none. I am forever grateful for his dedication and diligence in handling my case. Mr Puig never faltered in any aspect of the proceedings and always stood his ground. For every denial he had a comeback. For each refusal he responded with a defense. The updates were constant and the advice crucial. He gave me the confidence and motivation that I would need to stand firm and to stay positive. I am so thankful that he never let me depart without a word of encouragement. Look no further. I, 110%, highly recommend Mr Puig. If I had to describe him with one word it would be, Perseverence - (to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, and discouragement; continue steadfastly). I'll end this with the two words he always said to me, "Stay strong".

– Hec


Mr. Kenneth Puig helped drop my misdemeanor charge for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh Degree pursuant to New York Penal Law Section 220.03. Mr. Puig had helped dropped this charge to a Disorderly Conduct under Penal Law Section 240.20, which was a violation and not a crime. Due to the actions of Mr. Puig and the court, I did not receive a criminal charge nor do I have a misdemeanor on my record (which could hurt any future success for my business management career). Mr. Puig's services made me feel releved and confident of having my misdemeanor charge dropped; from our first meeting to our first court date. He is an excellent attorney in the field of misdemeanor cases and I highly recommend him!

– David


Mr. Puig is a good listener. He will be on your side. I just hired him to defend me for multiple traffic violations. 1 ticket was a possible criminal misdemeanor. Superb job. All tickets gone. Reduced to a zero point infraction. Really nice guy too. Very fair fees as well. Highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed.

– Mitchell


kenneth puig is a awesome lawyer! he won a favorable disposition for me which made me very happy. i would recommend kenneth puig to anyone who needs a wesome lawyer.

– Peter


Kenneth Puig is one of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and hard working attorneys that I have ever come across. Mr. Puig truly cares about his clients and gives his all to get the best possible results.

– Anonymous


Mr. Puig was able to work out the best deal possible in my cases. He was recommended to me by a friend and I am so happy I chose him to represent me. He went into court and took complete control of my situation and the outcome was spectacular. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

– Anonymous